Love Without Sex: Is It Possible & Can It Last?

love without sexLove Without Sex

Love is a complicated thing, and we see it in our world in many forms. It can happen between all types of people, from any conceivable walk of life. There are so many inherent differences between human beings that the notion of love even existing might be too convenient to be true. Despite that, many of us have felt the sensation of love several times throughout our lives. Although it is inexplicably, it is inexplicably there. Romantic love is one of the most spoken-about forms of love out there, and it’s connected to one key aspect of human behavior — sex. While there are several forms of love that can be expressed without sex, romantic love is not one of them, at least not in the majority of cases. The following will outline love without sex, and will explain why it’s such a rare thing.

Love and sex go hand in hand

When it comes to romance, love and sex absolutely go hand in hand. With romantic love comes the desire and lust for the physical part of love — sex. We have all felt this indescribably urge when we were in the grip of love, and it’s something that we can not deny. Of course, there are certain forms of romantic love that don’t concern the sexual. Although many of these cases are examples of true, unconditional love, they are all exceptional cases. For the most part, if two people are in romantic love, but they don’t express each other sexually, then the relationship is headed toward failure. Sex, while it doesn’t make the world go round, certainly keeps a relationship tethered to the ground.

Orgasms make people happy

If you’ve ever felt the sensation of an orgasm (which, we’re guessing you have), then you probably noticed that it made you very happy. Well, believe it or not, that’s how pretty much everyone feels when they have an orgasm. It’s really one of the best sensations in the world, and it’s a key component in maintaining a healthy relationship. It’s tragic to think about, but a relationship can respect every criteria out there, can result in boundless laughter and enjoyment for both parties; however, if both partners are not experiencing regular orgasms, then odds are that the spark in that relationship will eventually fade. Orgasms are what keep a relationship strong and prime it for growth. Although it’s unfortunate, a woman can do everything in her power to keep a man sexually satisfied, but his desires might inevitably wander elsewhere. Equally, a man might try his absolute best to fully satisfy his woman during sex, but he just might not be built to give her the sensations that she truly craves. However, we advise that you don’t spend too much time worrying about any sexual tidbits other than the notion of pleasing your partner fully, thus keeping the relationship strong.

Serious relationships require serious sex

Some would say that a relationship is only as serious as the sex that occurs within it. While we don’t necessarily agree with all the implications in that statement, we can certainly see how it might be valid. Sex is the glue that holds a romantic partnership together, so if that partnership is to be described in any way as serious, the sex that keeps it together must be equally serious. You can’t make the mistake of thinking that you’re in a solid, prosperous relationship without paying some attention to how the sex is going. If it’s not going great, but everything else in your relationship seems to be fine, then it’s time to start paying mind to your sexual competency, and raising it so that you give your partner consistent orgasms. If your serious relationship is backed up by frequent, satisfying, healthy sex, then you have relatively less to worry about.

Romance can be found in sex hookup sites

People tend to view sex hookup sites as some hellish virtual place where only the most unclean among us go to get laid. While it is certainly true that several one night stands have been arranged via online means for a long time, it’s definitely not wise to make any black and white assumptions one way or the other. We happen to know of a few people who are in happy, long-term relationships with people they met online. We’ve seen over and over again how true love can be found in the virtual vestibule of the online world, so you shouldn’t dismiss the possibility that you will meet your future wife online. Be open to all possible outcomes, and the world will show you the brightest possibility.