Coping With A Breakup — What Does She Really Think About You

coping with breakupCoping With A Breakup

Coping with a breakup can be difficult

We’ve all been there, and we all know how disastrous a breakup can be. Coping with a breakup after a serious relationship is one of the most difficult human ordeals to go through, and there’s no easy way to get to the end of it. All that we can really do is be patient and hopeful that the pain will one day go away. However, one thing that really tends to accelerate the coping process is meeting up with new people and having some casual sex to clear the old memories away. Of course, you will be mournful throughout the post-breakup period, but you will also be amazed by how relaxed and fulfilled you can feel if you have a bit of sex with someone new.

Go out and find a new woman

If you’ve been coping with your breakup alone for too long, and you feel the urge to get back out there into the dating world, then it really is time for you to find a new woman, and set yourself back on a path of fun again. Perhaps you have not yet tried the services of online dating websites, in which case it just might be time for you to get on the bandwagon and see what it is everyone’s talking about. We certainly have our experience in this department, and we can honestly say that online dating, when it’s done through a functioning, reliable platform, is one of the most miraculous things on the planet. It gives us the option of meeting so many new people, and it allows us to do so right from the comfort of our own homes, away from the uncomfortable, conventional social locations. This provides a great tool to people recovering from a bad breakup, who want to be connected to new people, but don’t necessarily want to get back into the physical dating world. If you’re coping with a breakup, we suggest that you find your new gal by making an account on the best adult hookup sites, and finding someone that could re-introduce you to the dating world.

Don’t think too long about what’s on her mind

It’s tempting to obsess over what this new girl really thinks about you, but we don’t think it’s healthy to think too long about what’s on her mind. A woman’s mind is a nigh impossible place to get into, especially when all you have to work with are a bunch of text bubbles. Given the online chat medium, women have the opportunity to sit back and ponder for a few minutes on what their message would look like. Of course, we don’t mean to suggest that every woman on online dating platforms are fake women who conjure up identities for themselves, but it’s undeniable that there are a few female online dating users who exclusively lie in their messages. You might run into one of these online liars, or you might not; either way, don’t obsess for too long over what she’s thinking. Instead, try to get her to come meet you on a first date.

Arrange a first date

After you have chatted with your woman for a while, and you sense that the moment might be rpe for you to ask her out, it’s time to pull the virtual trigger, and see if she would be interested in grabbing a bite with you downtown. She might say no, which is fine; wish her luck in her future endeavors. Also, she might say yes, in which case you can get yourself a small bag of chips to celebrate. Already, your breakup seems to be shifting into the shadows of the past as the prospect of a new hookup looms forward. Get yourself mentally prepared, put on your best casual outfit, and go meet your hot new internet buddy.

If you’re in the one night stand, she probably likes you

Despite what we mentioned above, men often try to decipher a woman’s thoughts despite it being nearly impossible. It’s something that we challenge ourselves with. One of the questions we ask ourselves most often is whether or not the object of our lust is looking for the same type of romance that we are. In this case, we ask ourselves if she’s looking for no strings attached casual sex. In this case, since you met your date on an online sex network, you know that she’s in it for the no strings one night stand, and you officially do not have to leave that part up to guessing. If you’re still wondering if she likes you, go through the night and blink a few times at the end of it. If you blink and you’re alone in your apartment, chances are you could have done better. However, if you blink and you’re in the middle of hot sex with your date, that probably means that she like you.