Dating Cougars: Beware Of False Advertising

dating cougars onlineDo you really know who you’re chatting to?

Not everything you see online is as advertised, in fact some of the real life experiences are not at all what you were expecting. The world of online dating can be full of scams and secrets, and you never really know who you’re dealing with until you actually meet. Here are some of the horror stories about cougars who weren’t what they appeared to be, and tips on what you can do to protect yourself from false advertising on dating sites:

Posing As A Younger Woman

A guy replied to a Brooklyn Craigslist classified where both people were looking for a hot hookup in person. He chatted with her via text and email a couple of times and they even exchanged a series of naked photos. She was young and hot, with exactly the kind of look and body he was into and he was totally stoked to finally meet her for a night of dirty sex. When he arrived at her apartment though, he was shocked to find a much older woman, naked and jumping him before he had a chance to figure out what was happening. When he confronted her he learned that she had hacked her daughter’s phone to use the pictures she had taken for sexting with her boyfriend, and the mom had been passing them off as her own.

Using An Older Man.

A mature man in the USA was excited to start dating a woman online who his own age, in his area, that was hot and ready for action. They emailed and chatted back and forth for a while before finally meeting to go on a date. When he brought her back to his place she kept asking questions about his college aged kids, which he thought was just a genuine interest in his life. The next day he came home and found her sneaking out of his twenty year old son’s bedroom. She had come back to his place while he was at work to get it on with his son, who she had been after the whole time after stalking his Facebook page and seeing a family photo. It turned out that she was a cougar who would do anything to get laid by a much younger man even if it meant lying to and using his dad.

What You Can Do.

Keep a close tab on who you’re really dealing with online with these tips for finding out the real truth about the women you’re chatting with:

Look for clues in their photos.

Watch out for women who post photos of their bodies only without showing their face, or pictures that are taken in dark lighting or where their silhouette is all that you can see. She might be hiding her real age if you can’t clearly see her face and could a cougar looking to pounce on unsuspecting men.

Study her vocabulary.

Young millennials have a way of talking that comes through even online. Look for slang or expressions that a young woman would never use. Cougars might try to pass themselves off as being younger in order to attract the guys they want, but they have a hard time nailing the right lingo. Look for subtle clues that she’s not as young and hip as she’s pretending to be.

Meet somewhere public.

If you’re not sure of who you’re talking to online then arrange to meet in a public area first. Even if you’re planning a booty call that’s strictly about sex, suggest meeting for a drink first. You’ll see who you’re really dealing with without ending up alone in their house and totally caught off guard. Stick to a public spot for your initial meeting and then take it back to her place if she’s legit with who she said she was.

Trust your gut.

Sometimes a woman can seem a bit weird or off when you’re chatting online but you just brush it aside or ignore it, assuming that it’s just hard to communicate without being face to face. The truth is, guys should trust their instincts when it comes to online dating and pay attention when something doesn’t feel right. Guys aren’t as tapped into their intuition the way women are but they should learn to trust their gut instincts when it comes to the women they agree to hook up with. If you’re getting a weird vibe from someone it’s probably a sign that there’s something off about her, whether she’s a cougar pretending to be younger or a woman who’s just a little bit crazy in general.

Be open minded.

If you find yourself tricked by a cougar it might actually turn out to be a good thing. You might have been fooled about who she was, and her approach may have been shady, but if she’s hot and you’re turned on you might just throw caution to the wind and hook up anyway. You never know where great sex is going to be found, and you might get lucky and end up having a hot night with a sexy older woman.